The Analysis of Social Economic Effects of Distance Learning Technologies Implementation in Russian Regional State Universities

The paper refers to the consideration reasonability of «Russian regional state universities» (RRSU) as a unique category of educational institutions. The competitive environment and their activity economic conditions are
briefly described for RRSU.

The aims and directions of distance learning technologies (DLT) implementation in RRSU are analyzed from the perspectives of legal entities and individuals, including the difficult epidemiological situation in the country and the regions. DLT components implemented by RRSU are characterized.

The main directions of RRSU expenditures for DLT implementation and use
in the education process are considered: procurement, implementation, server
equipment, and other hardware maintenance; communication channels creation for the servers providing DLT use; different training materials and software compilation and development for DLT; tutors training or (advanced training) concerning education materials creation and to DLT practical application in the education process; ensuring of the information security necessary measures, related with DLT application in RRSU. The necessity of DLT “operational” costs is established including equipment wear compensation and education materials updating.

The structure of social-economic effects from DLT uses for RRSU directly.
The items of the DLT use in foreign languages: demonstrative, educative, control-test are separately observed.

The paper states that for RRSU the expenditures for DLT implementation and
application are in general profitable only if there are many students and education courses.

Ссылка на статью

Markelov Konstantin A. and Brumshteyn Yuriy M. and Kozyrkov Roman V. and Krivenko Anastasiya I. THE ANALYSIS OF SOCIAL ECONOMIC EFFECTS OF DISTANCE LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES IMPLEMENTATION IN RUSSIAN REGIONAL STATE UNIVERSITIES // Distance Learning Technologies 2019, DLT 2019, — Vol. 2834 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings ( — CEUR-WS CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol-2834,, 2020. — P. 288-299






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