The Analysis of Some Medical Biological Aspects of Distant Learning Technologies in Russian Regional State Universities

The paper refers to the necessity of investigation of “Russian regional state universities” (RRSU) as a special category of educational establishments. Authors are investigated the role of distant learning technologies (DLT) in the organising of educational process at RRSU with the students of different forms of study; advantages and disadvantages of DLT using in comparison with contact forms of study, under the conditions of the system of anti-epidemic measures.

To formalize the concept of the «level of medical biological danger» of the individuals living environment the mathematical model is proposed. On its basis approaches of evaluation and management of medical biological factors (MBF) of the individuals living environment in any degree connected with DLT use are substantiated.

The main MBF groups are analyzed: sanitary and hygienic conditions of educational activity of tutors and other RRSU staff, student of different forms of study; measures to counteract the spread of infectious diseases in regions and settlements; their effect on DLT application volumes, the possibilities of using population intellectual potentials; the effect of DLT implementation at RRSU on well-being and objective indicators of the student and staff health. From the point of view of the MBF effect characteristics the following categories of objects of different hierarchical levels are considered: regions and settlements; employers for university students; RRSU in general; RRSU units; some RRSU tutors; student educational groups; some students; tutors and students families. Authors are also investigated the MBF risks structure for the categories of “objects”; available methods of MBF control characteristics on the part of various groups of legal entities and individuals including DLT implementation in combination of full-time studies or in the order of its replacement.

Ссылка на статью

Brumshteyn Yuriy M., Markelov Konstantin A., Krivenko Anastasiya I., Kozyrkov Roman V. DISTANT LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES IN RUSSIAN REGIONAL STATE UNIVERSITIES // Distance Learning Technologies 2020, DLT 2020, — Vol. 2914 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings ( — CEUR-WS CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol-2914,, 2021. — P. 97-111






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