Студенты из Африки — отличный источник дополнительных доходов для вуза. Это касается не только российских вузов, которые достаточно неплохо работают в этом направлении. В гонку за африканских студентов активно включилась Индия.

Делийский университет уже в этом году принял более 300 заявок от студентов из Африки. Чтобы увеличить их количество, университет будет расширять срок онлайн регистрации с 20 апреля по 31 мая.

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Focus is mainly on applicants from African countries

Delhi University has announced that it will be conducting a special drive to enrol more foreign students, especially from African countries, apart from extending the deadline for online registration for foreign nationals, and setting up an email and helpline for their queries.

The university said that it was in touch with Ambassadors of various African countries and had received an ‘enthusiastic’ response with some indicating that they may institute scholarships for their nationals to pursue studies at DU.

It further added that the university will offer foreign applicants several programmes, which will not have an entrance test for admission.

E-mail and helpline

This year, the Foreign Students’ Registry of DU has received over 300 applications from African students and the university is hoping more wil apply as it is making sure that the special needs of the students are addressed.

“To increase the number, the university will be extending online registration deadline for foreign nationals from April 20 to May 31,” the university said in a statement, adding that it will answer questions from African students on and and respond to phone calls on 91-11-27666756.

“We believe that this outreach programme launched by the university is the first-of-its-kind in India. DU has a diverse demography and we intend to further enrich it. The varsity is committed to reaching out to international students, which will result in strengthening of social, cultural and political ties between countries,” said DU Registrar Tarun Das.

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